Eric Pemper attended college in San Diego, California. However, he was born in Columbus, Ohio. Eric knew he was home from the minute he arrived to San Diego for freshman year. The city spoke to him offering him plenty of adventures and attractions.

Eric Pemper loves to spend time with his family when he has the chance. San Diego is loaded with family fun entertainment. Eric enjoys taking his younger cousins, nieces, and nephews to amusement parks like Belmont Park, SeaWorld, or LegoLand.

Like any other ordinary man, Eric Pemper loves cars. On his free days from school, Eric Pemper and friends would sometimes head on down to the San Diego Automotive Museum.


Eric Pemper obtained a bachelors degree in computer engineering and minored in history/political science at the University of California, San Diego.

The University of California, San Diego was ranked number one in the nation, beating schools like Princeton, Berkley, UCLA, and others in 2011. UC San Diego is well known for their two excellent schools of medicine and engineering. Both UCSD School of Medicine and UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering  currently ranks in the top 20 in the nation.

Among enginerring and medicine, UC San Diego’s academic PH.D programs for social sciences and humanities are also highly ranked. These two graduate programs were ranked the best in the nation in 2014.

Nobel Prize Winners have come out from UCSD’s faculty staff. Five professors and staff members have gone to receive the Nobel Prize for their excellence in oceanography, chemistry, and economics. The most recent prize winner was Professor Roger Tsien. Professor Tsien teaches in the department of chemistry and biochemistry. In 2008 he received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein with two other chemists, Martin Chalfie and Osamu Shimomura.

The University of California, San Diego is also known for its International House. The International House program, or also known as the I-House, houses about 350 students from more than 30 countries, where these students live and study together. The program is a spirited on-campus community devoted to promoting the international awareness and intercultural understanding at UCSD and around the world.

When it comes to ranking in top party schools of the nation, UC San Diego does not rank high on the list. However, the students at UCSD know how to have a good time and they do so in great fashion. Every year UC San Diego hosts its Sun God Festival. The festival invites popular musical artists to perform, put up carnival activities, and students set up vending booths. The Sun God Festival has grown in recent years with musicians like Drake, Wiz Kahlifa, and Social Distortion headlining the event.

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches. UC San Diego is known for being minutes away from those beautiful beaches. After those long days of studying, Eric Pemper would relax and clear his mind by walking down to the beach with friends and hang out.


Eric Pemper is always working on his businesses, bettering the quality of the products and customer service performance, however he does find time to take a day off. Spending hours in the office working on your business trying to meet deadlines can create a large amount of stress on a person.

Stepping away from the office to do some outdoor activities or exercising is good for your health. Running a business can be a lot of stress on a person. This is why Eric Pemper goes for a jog or goes swimming to relieve all the stress he gets from his businesses. Both running and swimming are great activities that help you relax.

Eric Pemper has found that reading is great for keeping his business mind sharp. Reading keeps improves your vocabulary and cirtical thinking, all important factors for being a successful entrepreneur. Eric Pemper has also found that reading contributes to reducing stress. Running a business can get very stressful; dealing with deadlines, clients, and managing a number workers. Reading reduces stress faster than other methods.